Peter's 1959 Norton Manx,
2004 Restoration Photos!

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Restored 1959 Norton Manx!

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Pete in the old days!

Westwood, (1959) 500cc Norton Manx, 1961

Westwood, (1959) 500cc Norton Manx, 1962

Yes, it's still my (1959) 500cc Norton Manx,
1992 after the "Last Hurrah"

Silverstone, 250cc Yamaha, 1963

Silverstone, 350cc Norton Manx, 1963

Brands Hatch, 350cc Norton Manx, 1963

Westwood, Factory Suzuki, TR250, 1966

Daytona, 1969, 1st lap!
I am # 41

Daytona, 1969, 2nd lap!
#41 Me, #17 Mike Duff, #27 Rod Gould
What am I doing here!

Westwood, Factory Yamaha, TD250, 1970

Bert Clark

Bert Clark, Isle of Man, 1971

Bert Clark, Isle of Man, 1971
Geoff & I helped to prepair the bike!

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